Cue cliché welcome to my blog post.

There’s nothing creative about this blog, it’s literally just a place to organise (rather unsystematically) all my photos from my ventures and journeys.

I reside in Australia’s better major city, Melbourne, and I love travelling. I’ve been to four countries, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea and France, but I won’t stop there.

I don’t think words can accurately describe the feelings you get when you travel. It’s just being immersed in another culture, another language, where the air smells different and tingles at a different frequency. It’s incredible that one day a place is just a concept to you, and then after a couple weeks you know its layout, its inner workings, its secrets, its energy, its sighs and whispers.

I try to capture the vibe of the place through photos, but the only way to feel it for certain is to go there.

I hope you enjoy your stay on this blog.

Holyshi xx

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