Cape Byron, New South Wales, Australia. For so long I lived chained to fears, hardly logical, rational fears, but somehow I let them justify my inaction, sitting on the sidelines, barring me from diving into the wonderfully reckless ocean. My liberation comes in the form of this notion, not exactly the physical escape of Byron Bay, not quite the ritualistic celebration of Schoolies to mark the end of 13 years of structured institution, nor the independence of living alone with friends and strangers. The culmination, the overarching concept of all of it, bigger than a name or a label, is what caused a shift in my soul.

And my god what a relief to me, to witness myself do things I’d always hoped for but was too scared to, to live fearlessly, unapologetically. I free myself from the shackles that once chained me, I escape from the crucible of my past, my history, my identity, and I create a new one, of spontaneity, anonymity, freedom, of conversation, libration, hedonism. Of growth.

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