Spot the shooting star.

Shoalhaven, NSW. Life is a series of interactions between the physical, the divine, the emotional, the social, the environmental, the mental… two beings come together and occupy the same fleeting glimpse of space and time.

Preceding and subsequent periods may or may not hinge upon a single interaction, and those said periods can account for an interaction itself, and alas, now we observe the interaction between interations.

Flourish into connections, repel to crimson rage, soak until new eyes, succumb to mind-grappling fear, derange in psychadelic embers floating to the surface…

In our hopelessly limited three-dimensional reality, the ghost of any sort of interaction, while it lingers like the smoky musk clinging to the skin after sun, exists only in the mind. Recollection and re-creation does not quite substitute the fleeting experience, and it is sorely depressing to think that once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. But the beauty of this chaotic randomness is that the series of interactions continue, it is what got you here and will get you there.

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