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lean into the chaos, son.

Night moves

Gold Coast, Australia. Sometimes when the world is overwhelming, I just want to crawl into my corner, wrap myself and my thoughts in my sheets. No energy needs to be expent, I can lay sleepy and safe. But sometimes, that same linen cocoon is capable of injecting powerful illusions into my little psyche. The outside world ceases… Continue reading Night moves


Shoalhaven, NSW. Life is a series of interactions between the physical, the divine, the emotional, the social, the environmental, the mental… two beings come together and occupy the same fleeting glimpse of space and time. Preceding and subsequent periods may or may not hinge upon a single interaction, and those said periods can account for an interaction… Continue reading Interaction


Sydney, Australia. Cheese. I’ve always loved cheese. It’s no surprise, therefore, that those cheesy stereotypes of life? Yeah I just want to write all about cheese, as in the convenient literary shortcuts, not the dairy product. I want to write about how finding myself in the crevices of the shiny ripples makes me want to triumphantly hold… Continue reading Cheese